Every business has a workflow: A way of getting things done that is unique to their industry and to their company. Your business success is governed by how smoothly that system works. If your workflow breaks down, or gets too complicated, things can start to get messy. You might get away for a while by working longer hours, or hiring extra admin staff, but that’s a drain on you and your bottom line.

myFLO is an automated workflow + service management + field service system. It is the most complete and flexible workflow system on the market, and it adapts to every industry.

myFLO exists because no other system worked well enough

Founder Michael Stornelli saw service businesses struggle over and over again to find a solution to their management and business workflow issues. Developing ground-up solutions to solve the problem, Michael and his team created a framework that better supports and streamlines workflow. This work turned into myFLO.

The system now takes care of every aspect of workflow. This means:

  • Initial requests
  • Technician dispatches
  • Workflow related to actually doing the work
  • Invoicing
  • Receipt of payments.

The myFLO that’s right for you

myFLO wants your company to meet tomorrow’s challenges

When you spend less time doing paperwork or managing administrators, you are better able to look forward, address new challenges, and grow your company.

Because myFLO works closely with our customers, your evolving needs helps myFLO to evolve. The system is continuously developed and upgraded so that you experience the more efficient and effective system on the market.

Call us now to find out how myFLO can help your business grow.

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Founder Michael Stornelli

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