Case study: CSR Bradford

CSR Bradford used myFLO as part of a government project to perform safety inspections on 40,000 homes throughout Australia. Their system not only had to comply with complex requirements, it had to scale fast: Moving from 0 to 300 users in only a few months.


What they needed: A flexible work management system with fast implementation.

Product provided: myFLO


  • Stable handling of an explosion of users: From a small handful to 300
  • Daily reporting
  • Coped with 20+ hours use per day
  • Watertight QA & QC steps and audit trails


Bradford Insulation, a CSR company, is a leading manufacturer of premium energy saving insulation products. Based in Sydney, Australia, the company has operations across Australia and New Zealand.

In June 2010, CSR Bradford was contracted by the government to conduct safety inspections for 40,000 households in Australia.

The problem

To deal with a contract like this, CSR Bradford needed a solution that could efficiently manage up to 350 inspections per day. Each inspection had multiple reporting requirements. The reports needed not only to capture photographs, but also electronic signatures from both inspectors and householders.

Due to the nature of the contract, the project was subject to very tight Key Performance Indicators, and had extensive regulatory requirements.

The system also needed to allow call centre agents to schedule jobs to the 100, 2-person inspection teams. Those teams were located throughout Australia, and managing this process was essential if they were going to hit their 350 inspections-per-day target.


The solution - and what happened next

Because of the project’s tight timelines, myFlo worked with CSR Bradford to scope the project and gather all of their requirements. During this process, we were working to develop and customise the system in parallel. This meant that all of the deadlines were met.

Within one month of the start date, the system went live. But that’s not where we stopped. Because this project had evolving requirements, the CSR Bradford system needed continual development. That development needed to comply with strict User Acceptance Testing and deployment constraints.

The other requirements included:

  • Access for government and other organisations to access data from the project via a secure portal
  • Search function
  • Immediate access to relevant reports
  • Extensive QA & QA steps to ensure quality data.

When the CSR Bradford myFLO system was first in place, only a handful of people were using it. But within a couple of months, this number exploded to about 300 users daily. The system ran for 20 hours per day, and reports and extracts were run every evening. This left only the smallest window for maintenance and updates.

With myFLO in place, CSR Bradford was able to manage the entire project within its specific constraints and deadlines.


What CSR Bradford had to say


“myFlo enabled Bradford Insulation to effectively manage the entire project within the constrained timeframe and provide important, real time data to all parties involved.”


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