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Pest control paperwork: Pain or opportunity?

Pest control paperwork: Pain or opportunity?

The pest control industry is awash in paperwork. Whether it's a pain for you or an opportunity to do something differently is up to you. In this article we look at why it's necessary, but also how it gives you an opportunity to innovate and grow.

Risk assessments enable pest industry workers to stay safe

Pest controllers are 'at work' in whichever site where they are carrying out their usual tasks. They are inside all kinds of properties, from residential to commercial. Each one carries its own types of risk.

This is partly why risk assessments are required for each site.

Properly carried out, a good risk assessment prevents injury or harm from unseen (or unknown) hazards. It allows you as a pest controller to see if it's safe for you to carry out the work. It also help you work out whether it's safe for any people or animals on the property.

Remember, the weather is included in this initial assessment. Some chemicals used for pest control purposes drift on the wind. If there are ponds, birds, or pets on the property, or close by, winds can cause more harm than good.

Risk assessments must be kept for every job that a pest controller undertakes.

Keeping and handling chemicals requires documentation

All businesses that keep and maintain chemicals require documentation. That documentation includes a Material Safety Data Sheet - an MSDS - for each chemical. Safety standards require a chemicals register, which allows anyone on your premises to understand what chemicals it houses, where, and how much of it. The chemicals need their own hazard assessments, and all MSDSs have to be kept with the register.

Beyond the obvious, there is a range of other paperwork too

The safety elements are the tip of the iceberg in the pest industry. Other kinds of paperwork that need to be kept include:

  • licenses
  • qualifications
  • training records
  • safety audits and controls
  • ...and even health surveillance records.

Do you suffer the pain of paperwork, or grow your business?

Maintaining paperwork in a pest control business requires discipline and effort. Each element has to be carefully filed and kept appropriately. If you are living in a heavily paper-oriented world, then for complete safety you also need to keep electronic copies. This means scanning and filing electronically, in such a way that they can be referred to or discovered later.

It's exactly the kind of work that holds businesses back. It's a real opportunity for thinking about how to do things differently.

If you haven't read our case study featuring Allstate Pest Control, we encourage you to read that. In Allstate Pest Control's case, the business was employing people simply to handle the paperwork.

Once they found a new way to do it - a myFLO way - they have been able to focus their efforts on much more meaningful, and growth oriented, elements of the business.

How myFLO helped Allstate Pest Control to grow

Read the Allstate Pest Control case study now and learn how myFLO Pest helped their business to grow and diversify. It all began with the paperwork.

To learn how myFLO can help your pest business to grow, contact us today.

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