The Bradford business has been an iconic Australian brand for almost 90 years. Perhaps best known for the manufacture and supply of insulation, as CSR Bradford, the company now provides a range of energy efficient products to Australian homes and businesses, under the brand Bradford Energy.

The Bradford business delivers insulation, but also ventilation, construction fabrics, acoustic products and, now, solar and home battery storage.

The solar products are delivered by Bradford Energy. A natural fit for the company, it supports Australian homes to be smarter, healthier and more energy efficient. With the emergence of cost-effective home battery storage devices, such as the Tesla Powerwall, the Bradford Energy Business has seen rapid

The problem: Complex workflow


Bradford Energy has very complex workflow requirements.

‘We needed to integrate national teams across multiple departments which included both employees and contractors,’ explained Bradford Energy Business Manager, Ashleigh O’Brien.

‘We needed to manage everything from lead capture, quoting, invoicing and installations. Our pricing was also complicated as we needed to integrate government rebates into our quoting and pricing model.’

The Bradford business is all about a responsive, and seamless service experience. That complexity just couldn’t be visible at the customer end.

‘We needed to make all of this simple if we were provide our customers with a responsive and seamless service experience,’ Ashleigh pointed out. ‘Especially now that we are scaling up quickly, and processing hundreds of orders weekly!

Problem: A unique business, very different from the parent company

If you have read our other case studies, you will see one for CSR Bradford. The parent company of Bradford Energy previously used myFLO for a different part of its business.

‘We’re unique in many ways,’ Ashleigh explained. ‘The products and packages are more complex, and changed more frequently, pricing is also more involved. Having a direct to consumer service also meant that we needed applications to manage leads, quotes and after-sales services, which are unique to the rest of the business.’

What Bradford Energy needed was efficiency and speed

The myFLO solution has given Bradford Energy the ability to process every customer order quickly and efficiently

‘I’m not sure how we would manage without it now,’ Ashleigh reflected. ‘The system seamlessly guides each order from one stage to the next until completion, leaving no gaps.’

The myFLO system has given Bradford Energy the ability to create detailed reports on any information the business needs. This data capture has proven invaluable in improving the business’s process, and the services it provides to its customers.

What Bradford Energy got was a solution that matched its reputation

Business Manager Ashleigh O’Brien explained to myFLO that Bradford Energy’s customers choose to deal with them because they have a reputation for premium product solutions and excellent service. She explained that their myFLO system works to support that reputation.

‘It is our systems and processes, utilising the myFLO platform, that enable us to provide a premium customer experience,’ she explained. ‘Without it, we wouldn’t have the reputation (or the sales) from which we are now profiting.’

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