24 years of success in the field

Since 1999, it has been myFLO’s aim to add value to the company you manage or own, through allowing you to access real-time data and making operations more efficient. Additionally, we are honest in our endeavours and will ensure your business is suitable or viable before engaging in your business. If your business is not suitable for our system – we believe you can’t grow your business or are unable to provide meaningful cost efficiencies and time savings, we will not take you on.

The management of myFLO understand that every business runs differently and there is no single one size fits all off-the-shelf solution for workflow management. That’s why we our team of skilled developers include industry-specific processes and requirements within the software and enable personalisation of our core offering so you can customise to align with the way your company operates.
As part of the process, myFLO captures workflow data to set up the user system for each client and to better analyse the data we’re given, we are leveraging A.I. opportunities in order to be able to provide better outcomes for our customers.

Our founder and our story

Michael Stornelli– CEO

Michael is the founder of myFLO. Previously being in a consulting role, he was confronted with service-based businesses that struggled – continually growing into dysfunction or achieving short-term efficiency gains which just couldn’t be sustained. As such, working alongside a team of advanced developers, Michael created myFLO.

Before myFLO, Michael Stornelli had a business called Rapdel, which created customised software. It was a company that built customised solutions from the ground up, to help solve workflow issues and problems. Over time, the firm was building a framework that could be reapplied to new customers to reduce the initial cost of development and also fast-track development.

His roles as a developer and business consultant gave him a wide perspective on the real-world advantages for organisations of excellent workflow, as well as the programming challenges and fixes a developer can provide in order to maximise efficiencies. This business was merged to form e-Net Solutions in 1999, which then launched myFLO shortly afterwards.

We then started to build our team by employing administrators and developers, along with further fine-tuning of the myFLO software offering. Michael is an expert on workflow and is continuously trying to implement more efficient ways for businesses to operate. Each organisation we assist is driven by customer requirements and stakeholder needs, which is what differentiates each of them. Being aware of that, and programming a solution that answers these necessities, is what sets myFLO apart from others.

Our mission

Our mission at myFLO is to provide cutting-edge workflow software solutions that help businesses streamline their operations and boost productivity. We understand the challenges that organisations face in managing their workflows, and we aim to simplify the process by providing intuitive and user-friendly software that automates and optimises tasks.

Our software is designed to adapt to the unique needs of each business, providing a personalised experience that enhances collaboration, improves efficiency, and maximises profitability. A commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, and we strive to empower field-based businesses to achieve their full potential through the power of workflow automation.

Contact us to find out more or arrange a free trial

Contact us to find out more or arrange a free trial.