Easy to use, set-up for your industry, and ready to make a massive difference.

myFLO is the answer to all of your workflow management, and a whole lot more. Our system is continuously updated and developed, meaning you’ll always be up to date with versions and industry changes. Our team of developers are constantly enriching and augmenting the software and we provide you with ongoing free upgrades as part of the package.

With myFLO, you can customise the workflow to suit your needs, access real-time data to make informed decisions, streamline processes, seamlessly integrate, and speed up the progress of tasks/projects/jobs.

You get fully functional workflow management and built-in industry-specific components, that allows you to refine and enhance your internal processes moving forward, ultimately enhancing business growth in an efficient manner.

myFLO workflow software has been adopted by over 2,000 users at leading companies of all shapes and sizes, across a variety of industries. It’s ideal for HVAC, electrical services, plumbing, facility management, pest control, Government departments, councils, garden maintenance, construction and much more.