Go beyond optimal workflow…

Truly transform your business with real-time data, greater efficiency and less admin.

Imagine an agile workflow system that automates admin-intensive tasks that normally take office staff and field technicians hours of work and duplication every week, gets rid of mounds of ongoing paperwork, and can be personalised to suit industry-specific requirements and the way your organisation is run.

You may be thinking, is that even possible? Well, we’ve built it, and our client base of government departments, SMEs and multinational companies are enjoying the benefits right now.

myFLO is the paperless field service management system that handles your complete workflow, from initial requests to purchase orders, technician dispatch, invoicing, payment receipts and more. It’s designed to cut your admin time, reduce call-out response times, increase operating efficiencies, and track your best performers in the field.

This simple to use solution also provides you with inbuilt scale to grow – not with chaos and dysfunction, but efficiently and effectively with full transparency over your whole business operations.